Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Introduction to the course (January 14)

I. Course (structure)

A. Syllabus
B. Lectures
C. Readings and written assignments
D. Supplements: field trips / lecture series
E. Final Project

II. Course (substance)

A. The music itself
B. Writing
C. Researching
D. Visual culture
E. How to be intelligent

III. Jazz is a universe

A. Jazz borders on other kinds of music
B. A hybrid music, and lends itself to other hybrids
C. The meanings of the music change over time, cannot be fixed
D. Can be intellectual or emotional
E. Can be harsh, dissonant, / or sweet and mellow

IV. Jazz takes place in particular place and time.

A. An American music.
B. An African-American music
C. Rhythm
D. Sonority
E. Improvisation

V. Listening.

A. Resources. Where to find recordings / broadcasts of jazz.
B. Active listening. Jazz is not background music.
C. How to? We will discuss particular techniques for listening.
D. "Big ears." Why it is important to listen to a huge variety of music.
E. Verbalizing your responses.

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