Thursday, January 14, 2010


I. General consideration

A. The compositon does matter
B. Favorite structures: 12-bar blues / AABA / ABAC
C. The idea of "standards"
D. Not all jazz is equally improvised.
E. Improvisation is not the opposite of structure or of planning, does not imply formlessness.

II. Performativity

A. Jazz a performer's art
B. zero degree of improvisation can still be jazz-like

III. Types of improvisation.

A. Melodic statement of theme.
B. embellishment or ornamentation
C. Melodic paraphrase
D. blowing over the changes / licks and clich├ęs
E. "free jazz"

IV. Structure of a solo

A. Telling a story
B. Beginnings
C. Endings
D. development and climax
E. compare contrast with classical styles

V. Examples of improvisers

A. Stan Getz and Lester Young
B. drum applications: Max Roach
C. Art Tatum and the ornamental style

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